Water Boat Fun Racing

By | June 4, 2017

Water Boat Fun Racing

Extreme Boat top racing simulator is boat driving full addictive and fun to play the game. Play the awesome fast speed boat jet ski race 2017. Play and get the real experience of the expert boat driver. Be the best pro speed Jet Ski rider and complete all the challenges. Show your boat racing skills and set your fastest speed driving records. Experience the best boat physics and drive fast in the water. Take the challenged cross through the rings fast while controlling your boat and set the highest speed record. Are you having what it takes to become the best boat ride? Then come take the challenge and prove that you are the best professional boat rider and hovercraft driver. Race against time go through every checkpoint and be the expert skilled jets Ki suffers in speed boat jets Ki rider racing simulator 2017. Have fun playing the new and latest top boat simulation game with realistic boat physics and challenging routes. Ride your fast speed hovercraft and reach the finishing line in time.

Your main objective in this top speed racing floating boat driver 2017 is you have to surf your boat fast in water go through every checkpoint and reach the finish line within the time limit. Be the dare devil and challenge your own records by driving your jets Ki at ultra-high speed. Sharp your boat driving skills with driving your powerful high-speed hovercraft in the ocean. Get ready for the challenge, drive fast your boat and reach the destination within the time limit. Enjoy the best thrilling high-speed race at the shores of the ocean. Test your jets Ki riding expertise and get the title of the skilled hovercraft ride in fast extreme speed floating boat racing mania 3d game.

Complete the given challenging missions and get cash. Use this cash to unlock more interesting and exciting levels. And to upgrade your jet ski to complete your missions easily. Become the master boat surfer, improve your boat driving skill and win against time to get the title of best boat rider. If you do not collect all the rings or do not reach the finish line within the time limit then your mission is failed and you have to start it again.

Play the latest, new and best top boat ultimate racing simulator 3d game with console-quality HD graphics and wonderful ocean 3d environment among all the boat driving games. Keep your interest in the game with challenging and interesting missions. Any age of the child can play this boat simulation. Play this wonderful Jet Ski simulation offline. Download this hovercraft or motorboat simulator game from the play store.

How to Play

Tap the right to move right
Tap the left to move left
Tap the up arrow button to speed up
Tap the down arrow button to decrease the speed


Absolutely Free to play
Multiple Beautiful boats
3d beautiful ocean environment
Easy and intuitive controls
Stunning ultra HD graphics
Realistic and effective sounds

Download Here

Water Boat Fun Racing

Water Boat Fun Racing

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